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Sell On WH

    WH (Wear.House) is the community marketplace. We are here to support your business grow in the global digital ecommerce space. We seek only the most creative and unique designers, local stores, and independent boutiques specializing in Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty.

    No listing or Joining fees - we take a commission only when you make a sale.

    Join our global community and enjoy the benefits!!! It is totally free!!!


  1. We’re numero uno
  2. We’re Sri Lanka’s leading concept store and curated online marketplace.

  3. Huge reach
  4. We promote your business locally and international, FREE of Charge From catalogues to print campaigns, digital marketing, radio and press coverage, our marketing campaigns ensure maximum discoverability of your products.

  5. Money, money, money
  6. Join the ranks of our most successful sellers and make a six-figure turnover. It’s FREE to join and there are no listing fees - we take a commission only when you make a sale.


  1. Easy to Use Seller Dashboard
  2. Dedicated Seller page, various reports to track your growth, easy account management, quick stock replenishment, easy tracking of deliveries and direct customer contact.

  3. Seamless Payment Methods
  4. 100% secure transaction with quick payments integrated.

  5. Link your Instagram Page with WH Store Page and double your customers.
  6. Dedicated seller care team to guide you, free digital marketing and promotions of your brand, High Repeat -Purchase Rate with global customer traffic into the WH website, through multiple links. 80% of Female Audience.


    To become a seller on you must:

  • Design, make, create or import high-quality, genuinely different products.
  • Have good quality and styled images of products / items.
  • Be passionate about your business and totally committed to best-practice customer service.
  • Be able to fulfil orders and follow administrative procedures quickly and efficiently.
  • Be ready to accelerate the growth of your business.
  • WH (WEARHOUSE INT PVT LTD) has the final say on approval of vendors, and may request sellers for additional information.



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